Friday, January 22, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009

I was reading on the internet one day, a long time ago, and found where this family thought it would be fun to incorprate the birth of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas into their lives, to give them a reminder this Christmas day what it is all about. Like the 3 wiseman who came and visited baby Jesus had brought Him a gift. So, Jason and I thought it would be fun to give the kids only 3 gifts. Spiritual, Practical and Fun! We gave them a picture of Christ, an outfit and toy or movie. I did however, buy Brady a tractor, because he seriously thought Santa was going to bring him one. We would always ask him what Santa was bringing him and he always said a Tractor. I had no idea!

Christmas Eve, we got the kids to bed and prepared for Santa to come. At about midnight, I think Brady heard Santa because he decided he wanted to get up. I got Brady from his room and he was motioning for us to go into the living room. There he asked to watch "Shark tale." I had a hard time staying awake. Brady was falling asleep, so I got him up to put him back in bed. He didn't like the idea. So, I put him in bed with Jason and I. Ya, we didn't like that so much. Finally, I walked him to his room and there he found under the tree was a tractor! He ran to the tree, started yelling for the tractor and started playing with it. Totally ruined the surprise for the morning! He was still happy to see it that morning!

Around 10am on Christmas morning we drove to Jason's parents house to celebrate with them. To be honest, at first it was kind of weird not having all of Jason's siblings there. This is the first Christmas like that. I really do wish that we can be together next year. Anywho, we had a little breakfast of cinnamon rolls, so we wouldn't get full for our brunch! The food was very yummy! Lillie makes excellent brisket! So juicy, very tasty, oh yummmm!

This year for Christmas I thought it would be fun to give the parents a calendar of Brady and Emma through out 2009. I was really impressed with it. If you ever need ideas for gifts or what not go to's parents got the wii for Christmas and I couldn't help but take a picture of Bob and his form. This is what he looked like while bowling!It has become tradition in my family to dress up really nice and prepare a fancy dinner for Christmas. It all started when my sisters and I were younger and my dad had to work Christmas day. My mom didn't want us to open our gifts from Santa when dad was not home. So, my mom thought it would be fun to get all dressed up, prepare a fancy candle light dinner and surprise my dad. We have enjoyed this tradition for many years and look forward to it. Plus, it makes it nice to be able to be with all family and not have to rush as much.

Brady thought it was the coolest thing to see a truck waiting for him from Santa! He didn't notice at first, but he was so excited when he got to drive it!Daniel and AshliBrady also got a big tractor from Nahnie and Papa! He thought it was the coolest thing to help Papa open his gifts while sitting in the bed of the dump truck!Emma's first baby doll!We thought it would be fun to add a little spice to our night by having a White Elephant exchange. As you can tell from Terica's facial expression, she didn't know what to think. (Terica is the one holding the baby)

Daniel and Ashli can't have a pet at the place they are living at. So, Daniel thought it would be fun to buy Ashli a toy dog. As you can see Emma got really scared by it when Ashli made it walk.

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