Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

On December 15, 2006 Jason and I were sealed in the Albuquerque Temple for all Time and Eternity.
3 years!!!!

These last 3 years have been a fun ride. We have had our ups and downs; thankfully we have been able to have the strenght to move forward and have our love continue to grow for one another.

The last 3 years:

Jason and I wanted to wait to start a family into the 2nd year of marriage. Heavenly Father had other plans for us! After 6 months of marriage, we found out that we were pregnant. On March 19, 2008 Brady Quinn Tucker was born. After a long 27 hours of labor and even though I had gotten an epidural, which wore off by the time I was ready to push, Jason was dead set on not having another baby for at least 10 years! Ha! When Brady was 3 months old, I found out that I was pregnant again! On April 5, 2009 Emma Rae Tucker was born! Life right now is all about our little family.

It has been over a month since I quit my job and since I have been staying home, I have been enjoying every minute! I am thankful for Jason and for the willingness to go to work from 6am-5pm so that he can provide for our family.

Jason is such an amazing person. I am so thankful he is my best friend. I am thankful that he puts up with me (with a smile) and loves me unconditionaly.

I look forward to the eternal years with you Jason!

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