Friday, January 22, 2010

Bachlorette Party!

We decided to have Ashli's bachlorette party the day after Christmas. Why? Well, the 26th was pretty much the only day we had until she got married on January 2, 2010! Unfortunately, due to the holidays we only had family who could make it. I definitely feel that Daniels sisters are like my sisters. I really do enjoy them!I asked Heather (daniels sister) to bring the dessert. Unfortunately, her dessert didn't set right, so we thought it would be fun to bring candy that had "men" names (if you know what I mean). For instance: Big Hunks, Sugar Daddies, Mr. Goodbar, etc... This is mine and Terica's gift bag!We played pin the lips on the man. I think Ashli cheated some how because she got the lips right on the bulls eye!!We had a great time! I had went to a friends bachlorette party everyone was assigned a basket. We had to buy and decorate it to what our imagination could think of! Mine and Terica's was the "For Him" basket. We pretty much stood around the couples store and laughed at all of the crazy things to buy! The for him basket was pretty much designed for things Ashli could do for Daniel. I am pretty sure he is going to thank us later! haha!
We had so much fun finding different things to buy and look at. Boy, I will tell ya, that stuff is for Adult eyes only!!! They had a clearance rack and saw some penis straws. So for a dollar, we bought some that we had to drink out of! Some were good sports and some just couldn't do it! We thought it would be fun to have spaghetti for dinner. There at the adult store, I found some penis pasta! Haha! (On a side note, when I was making the pasta, I asked Jason to test the noodles. He opposed to that very quickly! Why it is just noodles! haha! After the spaghetti was ready, I wanted to save some for Brady. Jason again said no way is my son eating that stuff!) I was going to upload a picture of our drink, but....
One of the games we played was we got into groups and one person at the end had toilet paper between their knees and a teammate had to lead the other teammate that was blindfolded with a stick of some sort between their legs. The object of the game was to see who could put their stick in the toilet paper hole the fastest! We sure had some great laughs. The winner of the game got a penis sucker! I had told my mom before hand and she laughed and said she better not get one. Guess what? She got one!!! haha!
P.S. I later found out that my mom's team cheated! Gasp!!! That is how they won the toilet paper game.
P.S.S. I was trying to upload a video of the toilet paper game, but it was taking FFFOOORRREEEVVEERR!!! Sorry! Use your imagination! haha!

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