Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food Coloring Mishap!

Oh Brady! Oh Brady! One afternoon while I was getting Emma all freshened up, Brady decided to wonder and let his imagination roam! As you all may have noticed, when your little wonders off and is really quite, you know he is into something.... but what? I had an appt to go to and while I was waiting for my mom, Brady comes running into the living room wanting to show me his surprise! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! It is just so funny that even though I wanted to scream because he just got food coloring EVERYWHERE, I couldn't help but the first thing be is take a picture!

This little spot, was an example of the trail from the cabinet where the food coloring was to end of the kitchen, stopping at the living room.

Luckily enough my dad came with my mom and so he was able to stay with Brady while my mom, Emma and I went to our appointment. We had to throw Brady in the tub before it stained. My dad is so awesome; when I came home, the mess was cleaned up!

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