Friday, February 19, 2010

Emma's Surgery

Well the time has finally come for Emma to have her 2nd and last surgery. We went up Tuesday afternoon to prepare Emma for what is to come. She had to start fasting by 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. We didn't want her to be hungry like she was the last time, so pretty much every hour, we were getting her to eat something. I believe that she was finally full by 11pm. So, Tuesday night made for a long night. Emma went to bed around 11pm and Brady was still wide awake. There must be something in hotel air, because he is not like this at home. It was good that we were still awake at that time because my grandma aka Nena drove from Snowflake, AZ (about 4hr drive) to be there for Emma and that was the time she got in.

I had set my alarm for 4:45am, but Brady decided to wake up at 4am. My dad was knocking on the door because they couldn't get him back to sleep. It's mom to the rescue! We put a movie on, on my laptop and by 5:30am when Jason, Emma and I were leaving for the hospital, Brady was still awake! Bob and Lillie met us there, we got Emma checked in and this time they didn't have other patients because it was in and out! We got Emma changed into her gown and waiting for the doctors as they prepared for her surgery. Luckily, this time, Emma has a bigger stomach and did very well as she was waiting. Towards the end was when she started getting fussy. When Jason put her on his shoulders, the nurses would love on Emma and she forgot about being hungry. We have come to the conclusion, that she likes the attention! All the nurses commented about her! The nurse that was helping up even commented that she wished she had a camera to take a picture of her, frame it and hang it on her wall! We all agree with the nurses.... Emma is so adorable! :) Just before the procedure, Dr. Cuadros had mentioned that because Emma did such a great job the first time, depending on how well she recovers, she might be able to come home the same day. As he puts it... If she can cry at the hospital, she can cry at home. The procedure took two hours and this time took forever, or so I thought. Just as I was falling asleep,
Dr. Cuadros comes into the waiting room, saying the surgery went well, she is now waking up and she is screaming your name. She loves to say "DADA, DADA."
It is so hard to see your babies in pain. I had gotten Emma first, she was really fussy and wouldn't sit still. They gave her tylenol through the IV and she was out within seconds. She would open her eyes and close them and you could tell that she was out of it.
Once she was some what alert, we decided to go ahead and try and give her a bottle. It was been along time since she has eaten and from past experience, the bottle was the first choice. She was a little out of it at first, but was able to drink a little bit. Once they saw that she was drinking, they undid the wrap and took the IV out. (she now has a little bruise on her hand) Dr. Cuadros came and got us at 9:30am and around 11:30 am we were leaving the hospital. Yep, it was that fast! We didn't think it was going to be until later that afternoon. I was a little bummed that not that many pictures were taken and unfortunately, the family who came to didn't even really get to see Emma until we got to the hospital entrance, waiting for Jason to get the car. Emma was fussy when we were leaving the room, but once we got in the wheelchair, she was loving it. It totally calmed her down. This time I was more prepared and got her medicince before the surgery. I was fine when we left the hospital, until we got back to the hotel to get our stuff when Emma kept crying and was fussy. I just broke down into tears; that when I felt really overwhelmed. She also got new tubes put in her ears. Just the closing of the car doors was a bit too much for her. I guess when they put new tubes, it released all the pressure built up and made sounds really sensitive. Thankfully, she slept most of the way. When she did start crying, I would get her tylenol together and then she was out before I could give her some. As you can see from the picture below, she needed a really good nap, changed diaper and was herself again.Just as I got her all changed, she was getting fussy again and so I decided to go ahead and give her tylenol with codeine to calm the pain. Within seconds, she was fine and as you can see she looked out of it. Thankfully for both of us, we got an hour nap!

On a side note, it is now Friday and Emma is doing great! We are suppose to give her the tylenol with codeine when needed and honestly, she has not been needing it very much. She has been sleeping through the night and even slept through the night on Wednesday (day of surgery). She does not care for the drops put into her ear and actually opens her mouth for more tylenol! Cleaning the stitches is kind of hard, because she likes to move and I don't want to hurt her. I believe now with the tubes, she can hear better. She is now adding more sounds to her speech.

I will add more pictures from my camera later. These pictures were taken from my phone and only what I had at the moment.


  1. She looks great! That is awesome that it was a little easier this time. Hopefully next time we come down we can come see you and the kids!

  2. She does look, right now like she got lip implants! She is still kind of swollen but I am so thankful that she is healing really fast!
    We will have to do another play date whenever we get together again...